• Luxury Apartment Complex, Tuncurry, NSW

    Sunrise Apartment Sunrise Apartment Floor

    Tuncurry Davco Project

    Project: Luxury Apartment Complex, Tuncurry, NSW
    Client: Sunrise Luxury Apartments
    Builder: Graf Building
    Tiles: Tile Power Forster
    Application: Pool, balconies, bathrooms, lift shaft, water features
    and planters
    Davco products used: Dampfast Waterproofing Membrane
      K10 Plus Waterproofing Membrane
      Ultraflex Tile Adhesive
      Sanitized® Colorgrout

    Project overview:

    “….our products are in the background  for obvious reasons. But they are critical to successful waterproofing, tiling and grouting”

    Davco products were used extensively throughout the construction of one of the NSW North Coast’s most spectacular apartment buildings, the Sunrise Apartments at Tuncurry near Forster. The nine storey building with glorious views over Wallis Lake and the ocean is a prestigious construction by Graf Building. The luxury, three bedroom, apartments are just 100 metres from the beach.

    The design criteria called for quality products to be used throughout. Davco adhesives, waterproofing membranes and grouts were therefore an obvious choice.

    Waterproofing Membrane

    Dampfast, a 2 part cementitious waterproofing membrane, was chosen for the 1,200 square metres of balconies. The balconies called for a high quality, quick drying waterproofing product that would be highly flexible and eliminate the need for a reinforcement layer. Dampfast was also chosen for the swimming pool and water features throughout the complex.

    All internal wet areas in the luxury apartments, such as bathrooms and showers, were waterproofed with K10 Plus - a water based polyurethane waterproofing membrane.

    Tile Adhesive

    For the tiling of the balconies and other areas around the Sunrise Apartments, Ultraflex was specified and supplied by KI Tiles of Forster, proving to be an effective and easy to use tile adhesive.

    The applicators were able to achieve great coverage with a single bag of Ultraflex cement based adhesive. A 20kg bag of Ultraflex will cover approximately 12m2 using a 6mmx6mm notched trowel. Ultraflex is highly flexible which makes it ideal for balconies and swimming pools. It can also be used externally on concrete, cement render and screeds as well as facades.


    Sanitized® Colorgrout was also supplied by KI Tiles for the Sunrise Apartments. Used for the grouting of the entire project, Sanitized® Colorgrout contains a biocide making it resistant to a broad spectrum of moulds and bacteria. The swimming pool in the complex was also grouted with Sanitized® Colorgrout.  

    Davco’s products are in the background for obvious reasons. But they are critical to successful waterproofing, tiling and grouting. Our continuous research and development programs ensure that the Davco range of products are continually tested for performance in all conditions. We back this up with technical support for specifiers, applicators and tile outlets.

    A very pleasing aspect of the Sunrise Apartments construction was the role played by Tile Power Forster for the supply of the selected Davco products. This demonstrates Davco’s technical and product expertise is available at the regional and local level through a network of tile outlets.