• City West Housing Apartments, Glebe NSW

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    Glebe Davco Project

    Project: City West Housing Apartment Complex, Glebe, NSW
    Client: City West Housing
    Architect: Turner Studio
    Tiling contractor: Aquaroom Tiling Services
    Application: Wet areas, main floors and balconies 
    Davco products used: PrimeX Primer
      Dampfast Waterproofing Membrane
      K10 Plus Waterproofing Membrane
      SMP Grey Tile Adhesive
      Trojan Mastic Tile Adhesive
      Elite G10 Grout

    Project overview:

    This newly developed City West Housing apartment complex, designed by Turner Studio Architects is located in the inner-western suburb of Glebe. The complex consists of 99 pristine apartments, surrounded by a natural landscaped setting for residents to enjoy.

    Project requirements:

    City West Housing appointed the professionals from Aquaroom Tiling Services to provide a seamless tiling solution using the highest quality products for superior performance.

    Project solution:

    Aquaroom Tiling Services carried out the tiling requirements using the Davco range of primers, waterproofing membranes, tile adhesives and grouts for a quality installation.

    Internal wet area system

    The internal wet areas such as the bathrooms were primed using a fast drying primer Davco PrimeX and waterproofed with a highly flexible, Class III waterproofing membrane Davco K10 Plus. The wet area wall and floor tiles were adhered by a strong, non-vertical slump tile adhesive Davco Trojan Mastic and completed with a stain resistant grout Davco Elite ColourGrout for easy cleaning.

    Internal dry area system

    The internal dry areas such as the main floors of the apartments used the advanced acrylic and water based primer Davco PrimeX. The tiled floor area used non-shrink tile adhesive Davco SMP Grey especially designed for the application of stone, marble and porcelain tiles, for a level, even finish. The tiled area was completed using a premium performance grout with superior smoothness, Davco Elite ColourGrout.

    External wet area system

    The external wet areas such as the balconies were primed using Davco PrimeX, suitable for clean steel trowel application and waterproofed using Davco’s Dampfast waterproofing membrane. Davco Dampfast is a 2 part, Class II waterproofing membrane ideal for submerges areas. This highly flexible waterproofer eliminates the need for a reinforcement layers, saving time and money. The tiled floor area used Davco SMP Grey tile adhesive ideal for submerged areas and completed using Davco Elite ColourGrout for its water repellent properties.

    Davco's products are not obvious to those using newly constructed buildings. However, those who are involved in the construction process know the value of using tried and tested waterproofing membranes, tile adhesives and grouts. They give greater peace of mind on important parts of the foundations.