Technical Mortars

Davco Lanko products provide high quality and innovative solutions for priming, floor levelling, concrete repair, anchoring, waterproofing, bonding and structural grouting.

Surface Preparation

Lanko's surface preparation products consist of primers, floor levellers and dressing mortars and are designed to prepare the substrate for subsequent work.

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Structural Grouting

Lanko's structural Class A and Class C grouts are designed for anchoring and bedding and where maximum strength is required.

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Waterproofing Membranes

Lanko's waterproofing membranes consist of moisture barriers and waterproofing membranes designed to repel or resist water penetration.

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Additives and Admixtures

Lanko's additives and admixtures are designed to improve the strength, adhesion and many other characteristics of mortar system.

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