Ormonoid Silvershield™ is a water- resistant bitumen based coating containing minute flakes of pure aluminium, which produces a protective silver surface with a tough bitumen barrier underneath.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to apply, brush it on direct from the can
  • Water-resistant bitumen properties and U.V. reflective aluminium flakes provide two layers of protection in a single application
  • Surface requires no priming enabling direct application on a wide variety of substrates from metal gutters and downpipes to bituminous roofing
  • When applied to roofing, can reduce the surface temperature by up to 10oC keeping you cooler in summer
  • Packaging: 1L and 4L


  • For the protection and preservation of metal and bituminous roofing, metal structures, farm machinery and external surfaces of water tanks
  • Galvanised iron with only moderate rusting may be protected for a substantial period with a liberal application
  • Ideal for applications in corrosive atmospheres, marine situations and for water catchment roofs
  • Excellent as a protective finish for Ormonoid Duraseal Putty and Ormonoid Brushable Waterproofer