A thick bitumen putty reinforced with tough inert fibres to produce superior strength. Ormonoid Duraseal Putty has a thick consistency and dries to form a thick waterproof surface.

Features & Benefits

  • Water, acid (mild), alkali (mild), and vermin resistance ensure longer lasting performance in a variety of applications
  • Applied cold, directly from the container saving you any unnecessary wasted time in heating or mixing with solvents
  • Packaging: 550gm, 1kg and 4kg 


  • For repairing cracks and holes in most types of roofing material, guttering, downpipes, flashings, valleys and water tanks
  • For sealing laps on sheet roofing material, cracks in concrete, brickwork and the bedding in deck timber (marine)
  • For sealing laps of Alcor dampcourse and flashing
  • To form a coving where a concrete wall meets the floor, such as in concrete water tanks
  • In conjunction with Ormonoid Brushable Waterproofer for waterproofing