A pre-formed flexible polyurethane foam-sealing strip impregnated with bitumen. Ormonoid Compriband can be compressed to seal expansion and construction joints and can also be used in gasket seals.

Features & Benefits

  • Long lasting
  • Resistant to weathering, most domestic and industrial effluents and vermin
  • Superior chemical resistance enables application in a wide range of severe corrosive conditions
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Forms a lasting watertight seal
  • Compression by 20% - resistant to dust, draughts and tolerant to vibration
  • Compression by 50% - resistant to fog, light, dampness, slight flowing water 
  • Compression by 70% - resistant to heavy rain, flowing water and dust storms
  • Compression by 75% - resistant to standing water
  • Packaging: For available sizes refer to the Compriband Technical Data Sheet, click here


  • Depending on the degree of compression applied Compriband can be used for dust, draught and vermin proofing, vibration and noise control, air and weather sealing and watertight sealing
  • Areas of application include: curtain walls, window frames, panel walls, sealing metal and timber windows, skylights, ducting and concrete panels
  • Can be used in roof construction between corrugated fibre-cement and metal sheets, even in low-pitched roofs
  • Can be placed in joints in concrete floors, foundations, in interior walls, partitions, in brick and block expansion joints
  • Also, to fix air conditioning units, ducts, to seal street lamps, control boxes etc.
  • Compriband is used in bridges, dams, road construction, landing strips, sewerage and water treatments plants, swimming pools, concrete and earthenware pipe joints