Ormonoid Abelrod is an exceptionally strong and lightweight closed cell polyethylene foam rod expansion joint and space filler. Its excellent recovery properties ensure a tight seal from dirt and water entry.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly resistant to weathering and most common chemicals
  • Meets the requirements of Australian Standard AS2170, "Plastic Materials for Food Contact Use"
  • Ideal filler prior to application of most sealants
  • Excellent recovery properties enable Ormonoid Abelrod to withstand many years of compression and expansion, ensuring a tight seal from dirt and water entry
  • Packaging: For available sizes refer to the Abelrod Technical Data Sheet, click here


  • Ideal as a┬ávertical and horizontal joint filler in concrete, masonry substrates between precast concrete panels, interior walls, sealing skylights, shop fronts and curtain wall construction
  • Can also be used in areas such as swimming pools, in draft proofing, dust sealing, sealing electrical control boxes, truck and trailer construction and as piping around chairs