A closed cell, cross-linked, 100% polyethylene foam expansion joint and space filler strip. Ormonoid Abelflex Rigid is compressible, even under light loads, and has excellent recovery properties.

Features & Benefits

  • Non-absorbent and impervious to fluids
  • Specially designed as an expansion joint filler subject to heave loads
  • Can easily be bonded to existing concrete and construction adhesive
  • Readily compressible, sealing gaps quickly and effectively against dust and water entry
  • Non-bleeding and resistance to fungi and insect attack (approved to AS2170) making it ideal for use in food contact applications
  • Being a closed cell polyethylene foam, Abelflex Rigid is resistant to most chemicals
  • Compatible with most construction joint sealants
  • Clean and easy to transport
  • Easy to cut onsite using a sharp knife
  • Available in plain or with tear off strip
  • Packaging: For available sizes refer to the Abelflex Rigid Technical Data Sheet, click here


  • Ideal as a gap filler and bond breaker for floor and wall expansion joints, filling systems for roads, motorways, bridges, walls and automotive applications
  • Can be used as a backup filler for most liquid sealants
  • Primary functions are to stop contaminants, such as soil, entering into expansion slots and joints
  • In joints where polystyrene or bitumen impregnated fillers have been used, Abelflex Rigid is ideal as a bond breaker. This is often necessary because of the sealant incompatibility with these forms of fillers