• Rejuvenation Grout features on The Living Room

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    Davco Rejuvenation Grout recently featured on Channel Ten’s The Living Room (season 5, episode 11). In the segment
    “One trolley, one weekend and one stunning bathroom makeover”, Barry Du Bois demonstrated how Rejuvenation Grout
    in Abyss easily helped transform a tired old bathroom into a stunning new look on a tight budget.

    For the job, Rejuvenation Grout allowed the home owner to change their grout colour and inject new life into their tiles
    whilst saving them the time and hassle of scraping out the existing grout. It also prevented damage to their waterproofing
    membrane and tiles.

    Rejuvenation Grout was easily applied over the top of the old grout with just a few easy steps.

    1. Clean the existing tile and grout surface with a mild soap and water.
    2. Apply the Rejuvenation Grout to the grout joint by using a squeegee to spread it diagonally across the joint. Make sure you fill the joints evenly and only cover about 1 metre square at a time.
    3. After a few minutes, clean the excess grout off and shape the grout joints by laying a damp sponge on the tile surface and wiping in a circular motion.
    4. Give the tiles a final clean by wiping it down in a circular, buffing motion, avoiding the grout joints.

    To watch The Living Room episode which featured Davco Rejuvenation Grout,
    visit http://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/the-living-room/season-5/episode-11

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